Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Thank you for 1000 views!


25 days since I started Robin's TG Captions, and I've reached 1,000 views! I appreciate the viewership and support so far. I look forward to producing more captions for your enjoyment in the future! Thank you again, and if you like what you see, give my blog a follow and leave feedback. Please and thank you. 

Friday, August 7, 2020

Language barrier clarification


It was brought to my attention recently that my American readers are getting confused with my wording. I'd like to clarify that I was born and raised in England for years before moving to America, so my English is a mixture of American and British. During specific captions, when the word "knickers" is used, I am referring to that article of clothing as panties. Knickers are a commonly used substitute word for panties from where I lived, so I am sorry that the wordage may confuse you. Other words I use would be bum, for butt, which I do substitute out consistently depending on when I'm writing my stories. I thought I would take a moment to clarify my wordage for those reading my captions. 

If you do like what you see, please give me a follow her on the blog and provide feedback. All feedback is welcomed, as it allows me to improve so that I can enhance caption experience for both of us. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day.

Monday, August 3, 2020

A Birthday Wish

The Sleepover Thief II

Dalton slept on and off that night. Between the knickers slowly giving him an uncomfortable wedgie to the roughness of the clothing pile, he did not sleep well. When Dalton saw the light creeping in, he made his final grunts and attempts at getting free. All he achieved was creating cuff burns on his wrists, and accidentally soiling himself. He froze for a moment as the cold liquid stuck to his skin and the panties. That was not going to be good. The worry that he’d get mocked more made Dalton struggle more in his bounds, accidentally banging on the wall. The bang stopped his movements, as his sister sat up in bed and looked around.

A few moments of silence later, she swung out of bed and left the room. April and Patsy were still asleep, as Dalton leaned his head against the door and gently banged his head against it. The rattle of the slats was low enough not to wake the girls, but Carrie did lock the door. For what seemed like hours, Dalton laid there, watching the girls sleep. Vengeance swirled in his mind as he stared at his captors, wondering what they’d do to him, what he wanted to do back to them as revenge.

Carrie reentered the room, flicking the light on and shaking awake the girls. She whispered something to each girl that gave them each a grin as they sat up, and their attention turned to the closet. Unlocking it, the girls loomed over Dalton, who stared back, terrified at the tall women.

“Morning, sleepyhead.” Carrie greeted, flopping her brother onto his back. Dalton groaned into his gag, the sock weighing more now as the saliva weighed it down. “Mom and dad are out for the day, so you’ll be with us all day.”

Dalton swore under his breath as April, dragged him out of the closet and laid him down on the open floor.

“What’s that?” Patsy asked, pointing at Dalton’s crotch.

“No way,” April cringed, turning away. “Did he?”

Carrie shook her head. “I’m starting to think you’re enjoying this Dalton, or should I say, Dolly?”

The girls stood in disgust, expecting something from Dalton, but they were only met with silence.

“Well, we gotta clean a girl up.” Carrie reasoned, and with the assistance of April, they dragged Dalton to the bathroom. Once inside the girls, locked the door, and April ripped off the tape. Gasping for air, Dalton spit out the heavy sock on the floor, along with spitting out the horrid taste that sat in his mouth for hours.

“You’ve soiled yourself.” Carrie mocked as she grabbed the shorts and pulled them down. Once down at his ankles, a dark blue spot was visible by his crotch. His face turned red as the girls turned away.

“He can have those now,” April said, gagging. “I ain’t want no boy germs near my vagina.”

Carrie removed the knickers, and the smell confirmed what they were all thinking. Once off, Carrie lifted Dalton’s head and put the knickers on his face. He screamed and jerked around, but she held the stained cotton to his face, forcing him to breath in his mess.

“Patsy, would you help April with shaving him, please,” Carrie asked, pressing the soiled pair further into Dalton’s face. The soiled smell and the laundry soap mixed, produced a sweet scent that Dalton was starting to like.

Together, April and Patsy slowly shaved Dalton, till he had no hair left. Dalton screamed and begged for them to stop, but after being told to shut up numerous times, the soiled knickers were shoved into his mouth, and the new tape was placed over his mouth.

When they were done, they stood Dalton up and forced him to stare at his nude self. His leg hair, arm hair, and facial hair were all gone. He looked nothing like a man now, and after last night he feared he never would again.

“Can we play dress-up?” Patsy asked, and the girls smiled.

“Why not?” Carrie agreed, and they dragged Dalton back to her room.

Placing the half-nude boy in her chair, Carrie went to her underwear drawer and withdrew a pair of high-cut black lace knickers and a black bra. She walked over to her brother and undid the handcuffs, but Dalton too afraid to move stayed put.

“Put these on.” She demanded, tossing him the matching set. Dalton hesitated as the girls stared at him.

“Come on!” April shouted impatiently.

Dalton bent down slowly and put one foot in, followed by the other into the lace knickers. Slowly he pulled them up until the waistband laid right above his belly button, and the lace was firmly planted in between his cheeks. The girls giggled at the sissy before them as Dalton adjusted himself before moving onto the bra.

He took a deep breath as he wrapped the bra around his chest and clicked the clasps together. Slowly he lifted the bra to his chest and slid his thin arms under the bra straps. Once it was up, he gave the girls a nervous smile, as they giggled more at his appearance.

“Try these on now,” Carrie said, tossing Dalton some gray knitted leg warmers. Sheepishly he slipped them each on and stood back up, feeling embarrassed in his current get-up.

“Can he put on heels too?” Patsy asked, and Carrie fished out some black high heels. Dalton sat down and, with the assistance of Carrie, squeezed his feet into her small heels. She helped him up as the girls applauded, his swaying.

“How about makeup?” April proposed. The girls agreed, sitting Dalton back down and applying layer or layer of makeup to his face. With every passing bushing, he felt his masculinity shrink more and more. Deep down, he thought he felt his penis get smaller too, being slowly transformed into a woman. When they were all done, they positioned Dalton in the corner for some pictures. 

All he could do was smile and pose, adjusting his leg just enough so no one could see a bulge. He wanted to cry but didn’t want to ruin the makeup. He was becoming their sissy pet. Feminized, humiliated, and forced. All for a stupid game. But, secretly he was enjoying the attention and the posing. But, he'd never tell his sister that. 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Sleepover Thief

~ ~ ~

Dalton listened intently against the drywall for the giggles and talking to cease coming from his sister’s room. Tonight, she had some of her friends over for a sleepover, and Dalton wanted to continue his tradition. Every time Carrie has her friends over, he sneaks into their room and steals something from one of the guests. What he steals ranges from clothing to make-up and magazines to accessories. What started as a little game to see how long it would take till he got caught, turned into a full-blown addiction and game for the teenager. As the minute hand ticked closer to one in the morning, the laughter still emulated from her room. He was getting tired of listening to the feminine conversations and just wanted to sneak in to grab his item.

Dalton would wait for two more hours, till the girls quieted. He paused to ensure they didn’t have a low moment, which would result in then getting slightly louder in the coming minutes. Creeping out of his room, he squatted down to see under her door. The lights were out, and nothing illuminated from underneath. Smiling, he got up and tip-toed over to Carrie’s door, placing his ear against the wood. Dalton held his breath as he listened attentively for any noise at all. No sound could be heard, and with a shaking right hand, he places it on the doorknob, gripping it tightly.

Slowly turning the knob, pulling the door toward him, he waited till the knob would go no further. Once it hit the point of no return, he slowly pushed it open, at first just ajar, to ensure none of Carrie’s friends were against the door. He peered in, his eyes slowly adjusting to the darkness within, only seeing shapes from the dim light the alarm clock provided. He turned his attention to the floor to see if anything/one was there. No figures could be made out, so he opened the door, just enough for him to slip in, as he knelt to the ground.

From what his eyes could process, April and Patsy were sleeping at the foot of Carrie’s bed, both sprawled out. Dalton peered in the darkness to see if he could find a familiar backpack shape near the girls. Scanning from Patsy to the closet, he spotted a lumped over bag lying against the closet door. Smiling, Dalton slowly moved to the shadow, keeping his gaze in front of him, to ensure he didn’t trip over anything. Slowly shuffling over to the bag, Dalton stopped when he heard rustling. To his left April, had rolled over and tossed the blanket over her head. He waited until she entirely stopped moving before continuing his journey.

Once he reached the backpack, he squatted down and felt around for the zipper puller. Finding and grasping it, he slowly pulled it up, a mumble of a zipping sound filling the quiet room. He froze again, before continuing, stopping when the bag was half open. Right as he put his hand in the bag, a light shined on him, catching Dalton in the act.

“Dalton?” his sister asked, groggy. He sat there frozen, afraid to answer. He could bolt for the door and take a risk. She did sound asleep, so playing it off as a figment of her imagination would be possible. Caught weighing his thoughts, the room’s light turned on, and Dalton’s face drained of colour. “Fuck.”

“What are you doing in Patsy’s bag?” April asked, and slowly Dalton turned around. April stood at the door, her hand still on the light switch, Patsy laid sat up, horrified a boy was rummaging through her bag, and Carrie staring confused at his actions.

“Um…” he stammered out, thinking of an excuse.

“I think we caught our sleepover thief,” Carrie announced, crossing her arms.

“I told you something seemed off when we stayed over,” April stated, moving closer to Dalton. “Your brother’s been perving on us!” Carrie got out of bed and locked the door.

“Look, I can explain,” Dalton said, terrified. “It’s all a misunderstanding.”

“Yeah, looks like that,” Carrie dismissed, reaching under her bed. “Explain why your hands were caught in Patsy’s bag then.”

The room became quiet as April stood over him, intimating the smaller Dalton. Patsy’s stare of pure confusion remained on her face, as Dalton’s eyes darted around.

“Um…” he stammered out. What would his excuse be? I steal your things as a game. That wouldn’t work, because then I’d sound like a perv.

“Anytime.” Carrie pressured, standing up, with her hands behind her back. No sound came from Dalton’s gasping mouth.

“What are we going to do with him?” April asked, staring daggers at Dalton.

“Well, telling our parents would be an option,” Carrie admitted. “Though he was caught in Patsy’s bag, so she should make the call.”

The attention and eyesight turned to Patsy, who pushed the blanket off. Her looks of confusion, erased and replaced with anger. “Since he wants to go through my clothes, I saw we dress him up like a girl!”

The girls giggled, and April high-fived her. “I like that idea, Cee.”

“No…” Dalton plead. “Anything else!”

April grabbed the defenseless boy, pushing him to the ground and putting her hand over his mouth. Carrie walked over and put Dalton’s arms behind his back and slid cool, metal cuffs around his wrists. “Her wish is our command,” Carrie whispered into his ears, Dalton’s eyes becoming wider than saucers.

Dalton wiggled and pleaded into April’s hand, her grasp getting tighter, making his pleas for mercy no more than squeals. The sound of opening and closing drawers followed a few moments of silence, till he was rotated over onto his back. April’s hand still on his face, as Patsy stood over him with a pair of socks in her hand and Carrie, next to her, with outstretched duct tape.

In a swift moment, April released her hand, Patsy shoved the socks into Dalton’s mouth, and Carrie taped it shut. Dalton was now bound and gagged and at the mercy of the girls in the room.

“Now what?” April asked, wiping her hand on her shirt.

“Let’s put him in some sleeping attire,” Carrie suggested as she opened the closet door, pulling out a pair of white short-shorts and a pink tee-shirt.

The girls smiled as April went to her bag and grabbed a pair of light blue undergarments.

“Time to change then,” Carrie smirked as she started by pulling down Dalton’s pants. He screamed into his gag but to no avail. One motion later, his lower half was exposed to the girls, who pointed and laughed at him.

“I’ve seen a few dicks before, and that is just embarrassing.” April mocked, in between laughter.

Carrie, with the assistance of April, slid on the light blue knickers, the cotton squeezing against Dalton’s body. Surprisingly they fit, but he’d rather be nude than panty clad. Carrie, this time with Patsy, pulled up the white shorts and buttoned them on her brother.

Dalton kept screaming and begging into his gag. He was begging so hard; tears rolled down his face. His tears were met with crude laughter and comments as the girls took off his shirt and put him in a bra and the pink shirt. Placing him back on the ground, Carrie gave her brother’s butt a little smack as he wiggled around, trying to get free.

“I think that’s it for tonight, girls,” Carrie said, receiving high-fives from her friends. “We’ll have all day tomorrow to play with our new girlfriend.”

Carrie smiled down at her cross-dressing brother. They were going to have fun, embarrassing him tomorrow. April carried him into the closet, placing him on top of a clothes pile. Carrie came behind her and, with a sinister smile, closed and locked the closet door. The lights turned off, and the room once again fell silent.

Dalton could creep out, but cuffed would make it difficult. He could bang on the walls to alert his parents, but having to explain why he was in this predicament in the first place would surely warrant more punishment. With a deep breath, he closed his eyes. Hopefully, tomorrow won’t be too bad.