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Hello, and welcome to my page. For those new here, I'm Robin, and I post a plethora of captions and stories with topics ranging from sissies to transgenders to forced feminization. With diverse topics, I used tags (found on the right side column, under my posts) to organize the types of captions I'm writing. I wanted to take a moment to explain each tag, in case some weren't self-explanatory.


#Amelia - Amelia is an anti-hero who appears in my captions and stories. She often forces males to dress up as girls and perform humiliating tasks in exchange for silence. Amelia enjoys making males into sissies and exposing them for personal gain. Despite the rough exterior, Amelia has a kind-heart and has assisted some closeted sissies in embracing their lifestyle by forcing them to do things they wouldn't otherwise do. Hero or villain? The jury is still out on Amelia.

#baby_sitter - The character within the story, usually the protagonist, is watching someone else.

#bad-boy - This tag is reserved for the bad boys, delinquents, and hard*rses of society. The males who "don't care" until they find themselves wearing a frilly pink dress and matching panties.

#before_and_after - The protagonist changes gender in which there is a comparison between what they looked previously (before) and what they look like now (after).

#birthday - The setting centers a birthday of one a character. 

#blackmail - The action of demanding payment or another benefit from someone in return for not revealing compromising or damaging information about them. The males are usually caught doing something morally or legally wrong and are blackmailed into humiliating tasks or to dress up as girls in exchange for silence.

#bodysuit - Either the protagonist or supporting cast is wearing a suit that physically changes their body into the opposite gender.

#bodysuit - A character within the story switches bodies with another character.

#bondage - The act of tying up or restraining of someone. It can be erotic, aesthetic, or somatosensory stimulation. A partner may be physically restrained in a variety of ways, including the use of rope, cuffs, bondage tape, or self-adhering bandage. 

#brother_to_sister - The protagonist transforms from being a brother to a sister for a family member, either through transitioning or feminization. 

#bully -  Characters are pushed around by a stronger antagonist. Sometimes they're bullied into being sissies, change genders altogether, or enact revenge on their tormentors. 

#caught - Often, situations do not go your way. They're often crossdressers who, while enjoying some alone time, got caught dolling themselves or doing things they shouldn’t. 

#cheerleader - The setting and/or characters revolve around the sport and people of cheerleading. 

#christmas - The setting and/or characters revolve around the Christmas season

#coerced - The protagonist is manipulated or influenced into doing something. 

#college - The setting and/or characters are often in a college environment and with college ages.

#confession - The protagonist admits to enjoying crossdressing or feminization. 

#costume - The character is often wearing a costume, usually accompanying a holiday celebration.

#cousin - A supporting character is a cousin to the protagonist

#cousins_friend - A character in the story is a friend of the protagonist's cousin.

#crossdress - Wearing the clothes of the opposite sex, typically girl's clothing. They can be willing or forced, but they're always sporting female attire. 

#date - The setting centers around a dating environment, usually with the protagonist with another willing character. 

#discovered - The protagonist finds out they enjoy crossdressing or feminization. 

#ex - A character is a former companion of the protagonist. 

#feminization - The acquisition of female traits applied to a male. The characters often undergo a physical change to make themselves look feminine, with more extensive work than just wearing female attire. 

#forced - The characters are made to do something, varying from crossdressing to performing tasks by the antagonists. They can't be willing.

#forced-feminization - The characters are often forced to take on female traits, usually physically, without their willingness.

#girlfriend - A character, usually the antagonist, is a girlfriend of a character. 

#girlfriends_friend - A character in the story is a friend of the protagonist's girlfriend,

#halloween - The setting and/or characters centered around the New Year.

#highschool -  The setting and/or characters are often in a high school environment and high school ages. 

#hormones - The protagonist takes/attends hormone therapy to change their gender permanently. 

#humiliated - The characters are usually embarrassed or ashamed by what they've done, but generally by force.

#humiliation - This tag is used with #humiliated interchangeably. In the future, I may merge them into one. 

#magic - The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. The forces can be potions, spells, witches, or other miscellaneous parties that alter someone's appearance or dabble in the supernatural. 

#makeover - Characters can either temporarily or permanently change their lives through their physical appearance. This tag is typically paired with #feminization.

#neighbor - A character is a neighbor to the protagonist. 

#new_years - T

#nsfw - A dead tag that likely won't be used. If you want NSFW content follow my Deviant Art . 

#operation - The characters undergo permanent physical changes with the assistance of doctors.

#panties - The character is dawning, a woman's pair of undergarments. 

#parents - The character's parents are involved, either as side characters who don't affect the plot or as the antagonists.

#permanent - The protagonist is either transgender or transforms to a female, and is forever stuck as a female.

#potion - A character in the story consumes a potion and typically transforms.

#punishment - The character undergoes discipline for their actions, tending to end in embarrassment. 

#revenge - The character falls victim because of a previous action, leading the antagonist to even the score.

#set_up - A character unknowingly walks into a premeditated trap. 

#SFW - Opposite for NSFW. Captions are work-friendly.

#show-and-tell - Characters show off their panties or skimpy outfits to show everyone. The tag is primarily used for characters showing off their panties.

#sibling - Siblings are characters within the plot. Whether as side characters or antagonists. The tag only includes two more siblings of the opposite sex, i.e., brother and sister.

#sissy - An effeminate male who usually likes pretending to be a woman. 

#sissy_caption - The most common tag used. These will be caption stories, a picture with a story beside it. The tag is used for captions, so sissies, transgenders, and forced feminization captions will appear under this tag.

#sissy_post - Updates regarding the blog.

#sissy_situation - Characters are usually left in compromising circumstances, dressed as girls. The tag is used for situations, so sissies, transgenders, and forced feminization situations will appear under this tag. 

#sissy_stories - Short stories that include a wide variety of my themes can be read under five minutes and inspired by CAUGHT. Captions may be expanded under #sissy-stories, or created from #sissy-stories—long explanation short: short stories longer than captions. 

#sister - A character, usually the antagonist, is the sister of the main character.

#sisters_friend - A character in the story is a friend of the protagonist's sister.

#sleepover - The setting and/or situation revolve around a sleepover, in which friends stay over at one's house. 

#sorority - The setting and/or characters revolve around a college sorority.

#sports - The setting is sports related.

#spring-break - The setting and/or characters revolve around the spring break holiday.

#stained-panties - A pair of panties usually get ruined and/or stained. 

#swimsuit - The characters are wearing swimming attire. 

#the_shift - A phenomenon occurred, in which thousands perhaps millions swapped bodies, only known mysteriously as "the shift."

#teenager - Characters are teenagers.

#thanksgiving - The setting and/or characters centered around the family friendly and thankful atmosphere of Thanksgiving. 

#transformation - Characters undergo a physical change, becoming girls permanently.

#transgender - Main character whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.

#truth-or-dare - The setting and/or characters revolve around the game of truth or dare.

#vacation - The setting and/or characters revolve around a vacation setting. 

#valentines_day - The setting and/or characters centered around the love atmosphere of Valentine's Day

#volleyball - Characters play volleyball. Both indoor and outdoors. 

#wedgie - A wedgie is the act of forcibly pulling a person's underpants upwards from the back. The act is often performed as a school prank or a form of bullying.

#willing - Characters consent to their actions, either by their accords or by others. They tend to like what is happening.

#wish - A feel or expression of a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

#witch - A character has magical powers, usually female. 



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