Friday, January 19, 2024

2024 Update (Don't Panic)


Thank you all for your support these last three-plus years. I have enjoyed creating caption stories for such a wonderful community, which has given me the support to continue honing my writing skills. I have been in this community for well over a decade, and I’ve been writing for just as long, so having an opportunity, challenge, and outlet to produce such wonderful content is truly appreciated. I never thought I would be where I am today, and I surely couldn’t have done it without the support of those who follow me, provide guidance, and inspire me.

While my topics have, and will always, vary, it is great to know I have such a strong community that will support me regardless of what my captions take on. Moving forward in 2024 is going to be a self-improvement year for me with many changes, and before you think I’m leaving, don’t worry; I have about a year of captions in the vault. (This explains why my writing styles vary vastly sometimes from my weekly posts). Part of that self-improvement is polishing up the duller edges of both my blog and DA and creating new content for both, which is exclusive to both. I did this when I first started and quickly ditched the idea because of how difficult it was overall to maintain, which is why I’ll be spending the next few months coming up with different content for both. Both sites will have exclusive content linked directly to their terms of service and their advantages. Below are the series and/or content that will be exclusive for each site:


Sissy-Roulette captions: Sissy-Roulette was a series idea I posted on DA, but because of my phases of inspiration, I never got too far into creating a lot of captions for this series. While I have sprinkled some of the 30_DOC with Sissy-Roulette captions over the last year, the reception regarding this series has been positive. I have decided to move forward with creating more of this caption series following Samuel and Oliver through their attempt to get free from this blackmailing app! I do want to do longer story captions for this series, so I may leave those to Blogger since the story format turns out cleaner there, but I have not reached a definite conclusion.

NSFW/Mature content: I do pride myself on running clean SFW captions, but I do have some NSFW content in the vault. I do have questions regarding how I can post NSFW content on DA, so until I have a firm understanding regarding posting NSFW content, it will remain in the vault.


Longer stories: These are under the #sissy_stories tag, and they’re essentially a two-page story circulating sissy, transformation, forced feminization, or body swapping. Think of them as more fleshed-out versions of captions, which can pull inspiration from existing captions or new storylines (Forgotten Suitcase - A Little Tanning and Thanksgiving Dinner With A Friend – Story, to name a few).  

Pathway to Progress or Camp Sissywalka: To complement my sissy roulette series, Pathway to Progress or Camp Sissywalka (I haven’t determined a name) will follow varying characters as they are slowly forced to feminize, put into compromising situations, and have their masculinity slowly broken at this mysterious camp. The main antagonists will be Amelia, a reoccurring villain in my caption stories, and the mysterious Mr. X, who is completely unknown. Still, we do know he enjoys forcefully feminizing young men. Mr. X has made an appearance in this year's 30_DOC collections, and I hope to use this series to explore different humiliation techniques and flesh out Amelia and Mr. X’s characters a bit more.

I want more polarization between my Deviant Art and my Blogger so that followers for both can receive some exclusive and unique content and only find one platform. I am doing my best to get these ideas up and going, but please remember I am doing a lot of self-improvement at the moment, in addition to having a busy work schedule, so these ideas may get shelved for a little bit as I wait out my life's turmoil. I appreciate all the support you have given me these last four years, and I hope I can follow through with these promises in 2024 and create some new interesting content for you all!

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