Wednesday, March 10, 2021

A Quick Favor + Blog Update

First off, thank you for the support the last few months, I appreciate it. We're so close to hitting 100k blog views, and I can't wait for that milestone while also doubling the follower count from last year. Secondly, I have added new tags! Under Tags Explained you'll see an edit at the bottom with 20 new tags and another ten in the works. I have updated some existing captions, but if you see one that you believe should be included under another tag, please comment and let me know. I am working on expanding to different story settings, to make your viewing experience more enjoyable, but also keeping it SFW (or as close as I can.) We've also hit 100 posts! Once again, I thank you for the support and I hope to continue growing my blog in the coming months! 

P.S. Please react to the captions you view. It helps me gage, what captions you all like to read about and allows me to create captions that people like. Thank you.