Friday, July 31, 2020

A Forgotten Suitcase

Autumn’s girls-only trip to the beach had been planned for weeks, pre-approved by her parents to spend a week on the coast to enjoy some relaxation. Her two friends, Lola and Hope, would be joining, ready to leave their problems at home and to let loose for once, without adult supervision. The carefully planned trip was derailed when her younger brother, Carter, began to beg to come along.

“It’s a girl’s only trip,” Autumn argued. “Last time I checked, you’re not a girl.”

“I know, I know,” Carter agreed. “But I never get to go anywhere. Please let me come. I’ll stay out of your way, and I’ll behave.”

“No.” Autumn shot-down. “I know you have a huge crush on Hope, and I don’t need you messing up a good friendship.”

“Do not!” Carter objected, visibly offended by the accusation. “I just think she’s pretty.”

“We all know you’ve been crushing on her for years; Carter, and she’s not interested,” Autumn revealed to her brother, the words stinging more than she meant to. “As long as you’re a guy, you’re not coming.”

Despite the initial rejection, Carter remained adamant that he would be attending this vacation with his sister and her friends. He begged and begged for the weeks leading up, much to the annoyance of his family. The parents and Autumn kept denying the whining child’s pleas to join the trip until work came into the picture.

“Autumn, we need you to bring Carter.” Their mom asked regrettably. “We know this was a planned trip, but your father has just been requested to attend a convention a state over, and I’ll be gone all weekend. You know we can’t leave him here alone by himself.”

“But mom!” Autumn groaned. “It’s supposed to be a girl’s trip!”

“I know, and I do honestly understand,” the mother reasoned. “But he’s too young to be left here unattended for that long. Your father and I have agreed that if you take him, we’ll pay for both of you.”

“Fine,” Autumn replied shortly. Initially, the trip was to be paid by herself, a real milestone achievement of a senior in high school. Still, the opportunity to save money was fiscally smart was an adequate proposal. Any person with a basic understanding of economics would agree the trade-off would be worth it.

“We’ll tell him he can join, but you’ll be in charge for the weekend.” Her mother assured her. “If he begins to act up, we’ll give you the privilege to punish him…” Autumn’s eyes lit up. “Within reason.”

Autumn enjoyed the prospect of her newly acquired power. For years Carter had sloppily flirted with Hope, making her friend uncomfortable around him. Now, with this power, she was going to end any chances Carter though he had with Hope during this trip.

In the days leading up to the trip, Autumn bought more and more supplies and purchased new clothing to wear. During that time, she had consistent communication with Lola and Hope, telling them what her plan was. At first, Hope pitied Carter. He was just a young man after all, and she was an attractive female, so his “flirting” was only natural. After some reminding of the embarrassing things Carter had done, ranging from giving her a Valentine’s Day card in front of the whole school and in front of her crush, to making comments about how she looked, Hope realized if she had any hope to land a boyfriend for prom, she needed Carter and his antics out of the way. After steady plotting what they were going to do, the girls agreed on one coherent plan to execute to end this one-sided love interest, once and for all.

The day of the vacation arrived as Autumn and Carter packed their suitcases into the car at the crack of dawn, driving away to pick up the other two, their parents waving their children goodbye before they too had to leave for their trips. Carter sat in the back, next to Lola, with Autumn and Hope sitting upfront. The ride was silent, only the occasional verse protruding from the speakers to fill the hollow air. Carter remained focused on his phone, sporadically looking up and catching Hope’s reflection in the driver’s side mirror. Hope didn’t acknowledge his glances, but the exasperated Autumn and Lola did.

Pulling off the highway to get gas, the group disembarked to stretch after a long drive. Paying, and pumping gas, Autumn turned to Carter.

“Carter, could you grab us some snacks?” He agreed, taking the twenty Autumn presented to him and rushed inside. Hope gave the thumbs up as soon as Carter crossed the doorframe, and the tinted doors shut behind him.

In one fluid action, as if they had practiced this plan numerous times before, Autumn opened the trunk, Lola yanked out Carter’s suitcase, and Hope quickly wheeled it off to the side of the gas station. Right as Hope returned to the car, Carter emerged from the lobby, arms full of finger food, a broad smile on his face. However, his smile was puny compared to the internal smiles sported by the girls after their perfectly executed plan. After finishing pumping the gas, the group was back on the road to their destination.

A couple of hours later, the sun hanging lazily above, they arrived at their hotel. Since this was a big trip before their final year of high school, the previous group agreed upon spending a little extra more to stay on the beachfront. Autumn parked the car in the garage and grabbed the suitcases out the back. Handing them off to their respective owners, letting the realization Carter’s suitcase was missing, settled in.

“Where’s mine?” he asked, sticking his head into the trunk as if his suitcase could have been hidden somewhere in a desolate container.

Autumn looked inside, then back at the previously claimed travel bags. “Did you not put it in?” she asked.

Panic swept over Carter’s face, quickly removed by confused anger. “I swear I did!” he shouted, putting his hands behind his head. “You saw me.”

“I don’t remember, to be honest.” Autumn lied. “I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Could you carry my suitcase for me, please?”

Autumn closed the empty trunk, and the group followed her into the lobby. Arriving at the desk, checking in, and being guided to their room, the girls set up their stuff, leaving the flabbergasted Carter sat in a chair, combing over his memory of where his suitcase could have gone.

Once everything was settled in, the girls sat on their beds, discussing what to do first. “We could go to the beach.” Lola proposed. “It is right there.”

“I like that idea.” Autumn agreed.

“We could then go to a restaurant on the pier for dinner. I heard the Swordfish Port had good fish.”

The girls all nodded, before turning to the distraught Carter. “What would you like to do,” Autumn asked.

“Find my suitcase.” He muttered, looking out the window.

“It wasn’t in the trunk,” Autumn explained. “You probably left it at home by accident.”

“Then can we go get me some clothes?” he asked, looking at his sister. “I have nothing but the clothes on my back.”

“And waste this precious sunlight?” Lola questioned, gesturing outside. “Why do that now, when we could do that later?”

“Because I have nothing to wear!” Carter shouted, and the girls visibly leaned back. “I don’t have swimwear, and I don’t know where the hell my suitcase could have gone.”

“You could always borrow one of our swimsuits,” Autumn suggested. “The beach doesn’t look too crowded, and I doubt people would really care.”

Carter looked repulsed at the suggestion. “Why would I wear a bikini?” he questioned. “Just take me to get a swimsuit.”

“You’re the one who begged for weeks to come,” Autumn started. “Then, you forget your suitcase, and you want us to drop our plans to shop because you forgot?”

Carter, who had previously been staring at his sister with anger, looked away. “No.,” he replied sheepishly.

“Then, the choice is yours,” Autumn replied, getting up and walking to her suitcase. Upon opening it up and stifling through its contents, she withdrew white bikini with pineapples print. “You can join us wearing this bikini, or stay up here in the room, not enjoying the vacation you begged to come on.”

The girls, one by one, went into the bathroom to change into their swimwear, the bikini laying on the bed, with Carter staring at it. He did beg to come on this trip, but he was a guy, he couldn’t wear a bikini. They were far from their homes, so the chances of people who they knew finding them were small, but still, he’d be a sissy for wearing that! Once all the girls finished, they stood in the doorway, looking at the engrossed Carter.

“You comin’?” Lola asked.

Carter leaned back, rubbing his face with his hands and moaned in frustration. “I don’t know yet.”

“If you decide to join us, we’ll be straight down,” Autumn informed him, with that the girls opened the door and entered the hallway.

“Oh yeah, if you touch my clothing, I will kill you!” Hope threatened, receiving giggles from the girls. Carter’s face turned red with embarrassment. Autumn closed the doors as the girls made their way to the lobby.

“He didn’t fold like you said,” Hope complained, worried their plan wouldn’t work.

“Not yet,” Autumn replied. “But he will.”

Monday, July 27, 2020

Sissy Situations I

The sound of chirping wildlife eased Brody out of his slumber. His eyes flickered open and closed, as visions of green leaves and trees came into focus. Groaning, he sat up sluggishly, rubbing his eyes and breathing slowly. “What the hell?” he griped, moving his hands to his forehead to aid in the throbbing headache. “Where am I?” 

His eyes still fluttered open and closed, but he was starting to get a grip on where he was; in the middle of nowhere.  Plantlife sprouted freely all around him, the trees diluting the sun’s rays from reaching the dirty ground below. Squirrels ran around collecting food, with the birds above chirping above, offering visual support in their animal language. The lack of human actions led Brody to safely assume he was dropped off in the middle of a forest. 

Sitting up fully, he took a deep breath and noticed a new weight on his chest.  He felt the newfound weight restrict the heaving of his chest up but fall lazily down when he exhaled. For the first time since he woke up, Brody looked down at his chest, which bore something new; female breasts. He didn’t have a straight view down like before, rather it was obscured by a pair of breasts that snuggled comfortably in a white bra. Brody sat there frozen at first, not knowing what to do. Was he in a dream, or was this real? Testing out his thoughts, he moved his chest side to side, and the breasts moved fluidly with his movements. Slowly the whole picture came into play. He was wearing a gray dress that hugged his body, currently showing off his private parts as his legs curled up in a sit-up position. He wore brown sandals on his feet, that seemed to offer no walking support, preferably a fashion choice. 

“What is this?” he asked himself, taking his left hand and touching his breasts. They felt real; the skin on skin interaction left Brody feeling something as his hand slowly groped his breast. These were real breasts. If he had these then… His hands rushed down to his crotch, where he tapped lightly on his dick. A wave of relief swept over him as he confirmed he still had his special bits, but he touched once more, feeling a metal frame by his crotch. Taking a deep breath, he pulled up the black knickers and saw he was wearing a stainless-steel chastity belt. He let the knickers snap back into place and lowered his dress a bit as he sat on the dirty ground, surveying his surroundings for any answers. What was going on?

After a few moments of looking around his environment, he found his answers. A note nailed to a tree to his left contained a messaged, addressed to Brody. 

“Good morning/afternoon sunshine. After countless requests and refusal to stop verbally harassing fellow female classmates, the MTFRPC decided to intervene and to teach you a lesson. You’re currently in the middle of the woods, but a hiking trail is nearby. You have until sundown to get back to the parking lot, to unlock your manhood. Failure will result in you living life as a girl until we contact you again for a second chance. Better hurry up princess, cause your sissy ass looks great in that dress. (Lipstick mark in the corner).”

“MTFRPC?” he questioned. “A lesson?” While the note provided answers, in his stupefied state, Brody comprehended very little. “What do they mean unlock my manhood?” 

What he did comprehend was, the author of this note sounded serious about their threats. He needed answers, and maybe if he found this mysterious organization, he could get some answers. Tucking the note in between his new breasts, something he’d seen girls do multiple times, he made his way through the thick brush towards what he thought might be a clearing. The branches snapped as he stepped on them, and in retaliation, they scrapped against his exposed flesh. Some of the trees whipped back up, lifting his dress on many occasions, leaving the embarrassed Brody to push it back down, his face red from embarrassment. His assumption was correct, and after some exploration, he came across a dilapidated concrete walk-way. It extended, what seemed endless, in both directions. Looking above, he could see the sun was right above him, or around noon. Sunset was in a few hours, and with what seemed like an endless path, in both directions, he had to decide. 

“Do I go left?” he asked, to himself looking down the path. “Or do I go, right?” 

The End?

(Feedback is appreciated.) 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Layout Update

First off I'd like to thank you all for who view my page. For the last couple days, I have struggled to set a plan moving forward in regards to how I'd do my posts. Today, after some forethought, I decided to do a combination of T.G. posts I've liked. Below I have listed what I'll be posting and what tags they'll appear under.


These are going to be posts regarding sissy activities and actions, without any story line behind them. They'll be one off posts, like you see often on pages ran by bots. I'll do these from time to time, but with the over-saturation of content like this, I'm hesitant to do too much. But, alas, I will make some. 

*    *    *    *    *    


These are going to be the standard caption posts, with a short story revolving around a picture. I do enjoy making these, so expect quite a lot of them on my blog, but the issue I run into while making these is it's hard to portray any emotion or strong story line in such a small space. I like to write longer short-stories, that plunge the reader into the situation and make them feel like they were there. I have some story ideas I'd like to use, but because of the limit I am unable to. That is why I'll be taking some captions and expanding on them to form a short story. That tag will be #sissy-story . They'll be longer in length, but well worth the read. These types of stories will be posted less often due to the time it takes to craft, but I can guarantee it will be worth the wait. 

   *    *    *    *    *

In the next few days, I'll be working on a #sissy-story based off a Halloween or a blackmail caption. I hope you enjoy what you see and follow to see future development and captions posted here! Thank you for reading

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