Sunday, December 6, 2020

Northridge School for Girls


Levi held his breath as Ms. Pratt grabbed her purse from the chair next to the door before checking her lipstick. Nestled in the adjacent closet was Levi, who had snuck in last night while Ms. Pratt was preparing dinner, waiting for her to leave so he could fulfill his fantasy.

Ms. Pratt puckered her lips before opening the door and quickly shutting it. Levi closed his eyes, forcing the concentration on his hearing, waiting to hear the confirmation. Click the door sounded with confidence, as he listened to her heels stomp down the sidewalk to her far. The car door open, a few moments of silence before he heard the car start and the engine vroom away.

Slowly opening the door, he remained hesitant just in case Mr. Pratt hadn’t left yet, and he had mistaken her car. Peering through the thin curtains, he spotted her car gone, and with conviction, he fully emerged from the closet.

The house was relatively small, even for one person. A single story with a one-bedroom and one bath, Levi was amazed by how Ms. Pratt managed to display her property elegantly with little space neatly. Slowly he walked through her living room, spotting an open the door to a bedroom to his left. Turning back with caution, he still didn’t hear or see Mr. Pratt or her car as he advanced on the sleeping quarters.

Stepping inside, he inhaled a lavender scent, from what he assumed was perfume. Two dresser drawers stood in the corner of the room, with a nightstand on either side of the bed. Levi closed his eyes, still intaking the fresh scent, and making mental notes of how things were arranged. He knew to get away scot-free, leaving everything as it was previously was needed. The slightest misplacement could raise suspicion, and though the likely hood of the misdeeds being traced back to him was slim, they weren’t wholly zero.

Turning to his left, Levi opened the top drawer. Shirts. The middle drawer. Pants and skirts. The bottom drawer. Panties in various styles, fabric, and designs laid alone, glimmering up at the excited Levi as he smiled widely.

He took pictures of the particular storage, removing his phone, so his rummaging wouldn’t cause destruction. Levi dug his cold hands into the smooth fabrics that seemingly clung to his touch with pictures. He smiled as he removed a satin front but black lace pair. He held it up, taking in the beauty as he felt the fabric before plunging the pair into his face to sniff. Levi inhaled deeply before smiling at the beautiful scent. Taking off his pants, he slipped the pair on, which were slightly too big for him, but still loosely clung to his male body. He admired himself in the mirror, how the lace rubbed against his butt, and the satin felt against his front.

“What the hell!?” a female voice shrieked, as Levi jumped, startled by the voice. “What are you doing?”

Levi made eye contact with the angered Ms. Pratt, who stood, blocking the doorway, her pointer finger viciously pointing at the panty-clad Levi. Levi opened his mouth, but only soft stammering emerged as Ms. Pratt’s furious look dug deeper into his soul.

“Why are you in my undergarment drawer?” she asked, stepping inside and noticing the shifted pairs, strewed lazily on top of each other. “You pervert!”

Levi still couldn’t stammer out an explanation, his brain fried trying to comprehend the situation. Fury consumed Ms. Pratt, who swiped Levi’s petrified arm and dragged him towards the door. Levi stumbled after her, Ms. Pratt’s grip strengthening, as he worried blood circulation would cease soon. Ms. Pratt threw open the door as the cool spring breeze greeted Levi’s exposed flesh.  

At that moment, Levi sobered up, the circumstances settling in. He was being marched from the house, panty-clad, in the morning with onlookers staring at his embarrassing state.

“Ms. Pratt, I can explain!” Levi tried to reason, but she ignored him. Dragging him up his steps, she angrily banged on the front door. He pulled up the black panties with one hand, and with the other, he covered his ashamed face. The sound of concerned footsteps headed to the door, as his mother opened the door.

“How can I-“she started before trailing off. Her son stood on the porch, panty-clad, with a furious woman gripping his arm.

“What?” his mother asked, shifting her eyes to Ms. Pratt.

“I caught Levi in my house,” she began, raising his arm to face his confused mother. “Rummaging through my panty drawer and deciding to have some dress up.” With her free arm, she gave the black pair a little tug.

His mother gasped as she grabbed Levi’s other arm to usher him inside. “I’m sorry, Ms. Pratt, we’ll pay for any damages he’s done.”

Ms. Pratt let go of Levi’s arm, shaking her head at the perverted Levi. “Thank you. And if I see this boy anywhere near my property again, I will call the police. Keep this pervert away from me.”

“We will, Ms. Pratt, don’t worry.” His mothered stammered out, shaken by the threat of judicial punishment for her son. “We’ll straighten Levi out, Ms. Pratt, don’t you worry.”

“Good,” she replied coldly, turning around. “I’ll send the bill when I return from work; I’m late as it is.”

Levi was ushered to the guest room, where his mother uttered no words to her crying son. He begged for forgiveness, but still, his mother said nothing in return. Locking the door behind her, Levi sat in the room for hours, as the sounds of talking seeped through the door cracks. Day turned to night, and when his father arrived home, a male voice joined the mix. Levi’s heartbeat rapidly, banging against his rib cage, as thoughts of punishments formed. A beating? Jail time? Moving? A reform schools.

After hours of dwelling in his thoughts, the door unlocked, and his parents entered. His father wore an expression of displeasure and disgust, as his mother remained shell-shocked.

“So, we have a panty wearing sissy for a son,” his father said, the sound of displeasure reeked in his voice.

“Levi, what you did was not acceptable,” his mother began, as his father crossed his arms. “This behavior can lead to a bad path, and your father and I don’t want you to fall victim to it.”

“We’re sending you to a  boarding school to help you break this issue,” his father continued.

“You’ll be leaving in the morning so that you can start next week. We leave at five tomorrow, and please dress appropriately.”

Before Levi could offer a rebuttal, they closed and locked the door behind him. “A new school wouldn’t be too bad,” Levi thought, burying himself under the blankets. “It could be worse.”