Friday, July 1, 2022

Forgotten Suitcase - A Little Tanning

Autumn, Hope, and Lola laid down on the sand, their slimming bikinis revealing more flesh for the sun to tan. It was the objective of the trip to catch a little sun, and as they lay on their stomachs, the low beat from the beach music emitting from their portable speaker, the girls engaged in small talk.

“It’s been two hours,” Lola commented, checking her phone and answering a message. “I think you’re plan was a dud.”

“Yeah, he’ll just stay in the room the whole weekend, which knowing him, he’s probably going through our stuff.” Hope commented, the girls grimacing at the thought of a teenage boy going through their personal belongings.

“I’ll bet right now he comes down before we leave at….” Autumn began glancing at Lola’s phone to catch the time. “Five. An hour and a half away. If I’m wrong, dinner is on me.”

Lola and Hope liked the sound of that deal and agreed. Autumn paid no attention to their playful banter as she squinted at the looming hotel. The sun reflected off the glass, nearly blinding her, but still, through slit eyes, she could see Carter sitting at the window watching them. Autumn let out a silent sigh of concern as Lola and Hope laid their heads to enjoy the tanning.

“Let’s just hope you’re right,” Lola began, setting the timer. “Cause I’m in the mood for crab.” Autumn smiled, lying her head down too, her heart thrashing against her rib cage, worrying about her plan failing and the numerous implications of fallout if her plan did fail. Closing her eyes, she prayed Carter would come down to the beach.


The sound of footsteps treading near her made Autumn raise her head. What stood before her made Autumn smile happily on the outside and laugh hysterically on the inside. Carter stood before them wearing a black bikini top and a lavender bottom. Not at all the bikini, they left for him, but noticing the bottom as one of hers, Autumn’s emotions split into anger for wearing her clothes and hilarity seeing her brother in a bikini in public.

Carter said nothing, laying out his towel on the ground and lying next to Lola, who peeked her head up and caught a glimpse of the bikini-wearing Carter before burying her head quickly to laugh at what she saw. Carter moved quickly, burying his head quicker than Lola, but with a thick aura of silence emitting from his awkward state. At this moment, Autumn pitied and felt terrible for her brother, who was publicly humiliated in front of his crush. But this was to end his obsession with a woman who didn’t reciprocate feelings towards him and get back at him for the weeks of verbal harassment regarding the trip.

They lay there for what seemed like hours before Lola’s alarm awoke them all. The girls, now radiated a golden tan, sat up and took in their surroundings. The sun was just above the horizon, the sky a light blue, turning a slight hazy purple colour over the horizon. Slowly Carter sat up, looking around, before making eye contact with Hope, who stifled giggles.

“Nice to see you join us, Carina,” Lola commented, Carter, catching her drift and nodding.

“Maybe tomorrow we’ll get you in the water?” Autumn asked. Carter shrugged in reply.

“Is that my bikini bottom?” Hope asked angrily. “Well, it’s you’re now, Carina.” Carter turned a deep red as he tried to explain why he wasn’t wearing the bikini offered to him in the hotel room, but his words clogged up in his mouth, combining into incoherent stammering.

“Hey,” a teenage boy said confidently, walking over to the girls. They all turned to look at the handsome young man, who stood above them, using his hand to block out the sunlight. “My friends and I noticed you all earlier.” To their left, a group of guys sitting looked over and waved. The girls smiled and waved back in kindness.

“This probably seems sudden, but we were wondering if you four lovely ladies would like to join us for dinner tonight?” he proposed. “We’d like an opportunity to get to know you four better.” The teenager smiled. She looked at Lola and Hope, who smiled back and nodded, mesmerized by his attractiveness and by the looks of the other guys.

“We’d like that,” Autumn agreed. “But, where are you all from?”

The teenager smiled, nodding to his friends, who cheered. “We’re from around here. We attend a private school, and on the weekends, we forget about that boring school life and enjoy the beach.”

“So, do you often ask girls to dinner with you?” Lola sassed.

“No, you’re the first.” the teenager replied, honestly lacing his voice as his confidence seemed to have been shaken by the accusation. “To be honest, you’re the first girls I’ve asked out proper.”

Lola smiled in reply as the teenager fixed his hair nervously. “How about we meet at seven at Swordfish Port for dinner?”

The girls nodded. “We’ll be there.”

Just as sudden as he appeared, he left into the comfort of his peers; the girls were smiling at the prospect of going on a date with an attractive boy their age. Carter’s face turned sheet white, realizing he has to go on a dinner date with guys, most likely dressed as a girl, trying to conceal his identity the whole time. Maybe he should have just stayed home.  

The trip back up to the hotel room consisted of the girls talking amongst each other. Talks of what to wear, did you see him? and about the best trip ever were the main talking points as the girls giggled and smiled over their future date. As he looked down at himself, Carter sulked behind; a deadpan look etched into his face. His flat sweaty chest left a noticeable and awkward space difference between himself and the swim top. It was apparent he wasn’t a girl, and the fear of being exposed as a sissy in front of people his age scared him. If that wasn’t the worst, Carter looked down, a tiny bulge emerging from his swim bottom, only driving the fear deeper into his head as he realized he looked horrible and out of place.

The girls excitedly opened the door to their room, rushing in to get ready. Autumn hesitated to look back at her brother. He looked shellshocked, and for a moment, she pitied him again. Maybe this was too far, but he did say he’d stay out of her way and behave. She also can’t leave him alone here. Getting asked on a date wasn’t part of the plan, but this was an excellent opportunity to have fun on their trip, and they’ll never see these guys again if things turn south.

“Carter….” Autumn began. “I promise you we’ll keep your identity a secret.”

Carter looked up and sighed, looking down at himself. Her plan had worked. Hope laughed at him, and he didn’t see a chance with her in the future, but he also lost all of his confidence in himself.

“We’ll make you look real pretty for tonight,” she continued. “And tomorrow we’ll get you some new clothes. Lola and Hope are really looking forward to the date, and we can’t bail on them. I promise you we’ll do everything we can to protect your identity.”

Carter nodded. “You promise?”

“Yes,” Autumn assured, patting her brother on the shoulder. “If anyone asks, you’re having issues speaking, and we’ll leave it at that.” Carter nodded. “Anyway, you pull off that bikini.”

Carter looked up and smiled. “Really?”

Autumn smiled back. “Yes, really.”


Once in the room, the girls opened up their bags, taking out their various nighttime clothing options. Dresses and jeans were thrown about, make-up bags emerging from their bags as they asked each other what they thought of their nightly attire. Carter sat, chilling off in the corner, watching them. He didn’t understand what they were asking or why, nor did he care. Carter’s mind was still worried about tonight, and even with assurance from his sister, he was concerned about what could go wrong. His self-worry would go on pause as the girls turned to him.

“So you can’t talk?” Hope asked. Playing along, Carter nodded, pushing his hair back from in front of his eyes.

“They’re teenagers; they’ll buy we have a friend who can’t talk,” Autumn assured, and Lola agreed. “They might ask for socials to talk with him then.”

The girls nodded. “I’ll start one up for him, erm… I mean her.” Hope said, opening her phone. “If you two want to make our new sister look pretty.”

The next couple of minutes were more hectic than before. They’d hold up outfits next to him, arguing amongst each other about which would be the best selection. “We don’t want something too sliming, in case, you know,” Lola gestured to Carter’s lower half. “But we don’t want something too loose because it hurts our vibe,” Hope interjected while creating the new social accounts, but after many minutes of arguing, the girls finally agreed on an outfit: a simple red dress.

The argument was it went with their outfits, but it’s just tight enough not to show a bulge if one occurs but just loose enough. It was a bit short, but showing Carter how to sit like a lady was the easy part. Put your hands behind your bottom when you sit to ensure the dress doesn’t flop up and sit down. Easy, right? And he can’t spread his legs because it will be game over.

Sitting Carter down, the girl's tag-teamed meticulously doing his make-up. It was difficult, plucking eyebrow hair and adjusting eye lashes, but after a couple of pulls, Carter got used to it and relaxed. The makeup was easy, as the girls smiled and assured Carter he looked great while they used their tools to paint a mask of illusion over his real identity.

Once they were done, Carter saw how well they made him look, and he didn’t even realize he was a guy! The final step was the dress, and putting it on over the bathing suit was the easy part, but as the zipper glided up his back, there was no way to turn back. He was fully committed to Carina for the evening, the friend who can’t talk right now. Once in place, he looked at himself in the mirror, admiring what he saw before him. Smiling, he turned back to the girls, who smiled and cheered at their accomplishments.

“I think we’re ready,” Carter announced, and the girls hopped off the beds, locking arms, and opened the door to start their girl’s weekend official. 

(Let me know what you all think below, this was a heavily requested sequel. The most difficult part of writing these types of stories, aren't the stories, but finding pictures to correlate with what has occurred within.)